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i have no words.
i have no words.

hmm, so the astros now have brett wallace? i can't say i care for that notion. the idea of watching the walrus take over from fat elvis and play us regularly gives me some minor heartburn. that's assuming he stays in houston; wallace is now a well-traveled fellow (STL, OAK, TOR, HOU). as has been pointed out before, he's hitting an .872 OPS in AAA, but in a ridiculous hitters' park (.921 OPS @ home; .816 away). it's way too early to call him a bust, but i would be a little concerned about his continued value. 

as of press time (friday lunch), the cards have not sealed any major deals. i still continue to believe that pitching rather than offense is the area for improvement. not because our offense doesn't need a kick in the pants, but because the options are just not very good for offensive improvement. first base, catcher, and the outfield starters aren't going anywhere. and there aren't any substantial upgrades available in the infield, unless florida comes off its recent love affair with dan uggla.

VEP had a good comment thursday regarding boog's struggles at the plate in light of his BABIP. basically, both brendan ryan and skip schumaker are most likely to regress to an improved outcome (BABIP of .293 v. career .324 for skippy; BABIP of .226 v. career .293 for ryan). suppan is replacement value at best, and not coming back from it (ERA 6.18 v. xFIP 5.38). hawksworth is somewhat better and may have a little regression to replacement value for us to look forward to - ERA of 5.38 v. xFIP of 4.78.  as painful as it may be to sit tight while we get shut out by the cubs, etc., we may well be looking forward to improvement just by sitting still. 

my mantra is to never trust that a cardinals pitcher is healed until he's made at least 3 ML appearances and pitched competently in each. kyle lohse is allegedly on the way back after another rehab start. if he can show up healed, that would be a big bump for us. my confidence in both kyle's healthy return and in blake hawksworth's improvement are sufficiently limited that either cook or westbrook would be worth the attempt, as long as major talent is not demanded.

there's been some interesting discussion of whether kelly johnson's success this year is just a figment of the dry desert air. i'm inclined to agree that arizona's park plays a role, but this is also a guy with a career .346 wOBA, who has only underperformed that number in his rookie season and last season, when he hit for a .247 BABIP. I think it's probably safe to call him a ~.350 wOBA hitter in Busch. i could be tempted to get in on his negotiations, if the price did not get ridiculous. 

other than that, i don't see a better option in the infield other than hoping that skip and brendan return to form, that freese gets healthy, and that tyler greene keeps hitting. nothing that clint barmes or miguel tejada would supply would make this team better (luckily, the padres fell on that latter sword before we could).

the bloodbath on this site, should we trade for an infielder, would then be whether tyler greene or aaron miles got sent down.