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game 81 - MIL @ STL - 7.3.10

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3610_medium 28827_medium

chris carpenter manny parra

2.70 ERA 4.12

3.94 FIP 3.79

3.69 xFIP 3.79

3.87 tERA 3.78

52.3% GB% 49.7%

when this game finishes, the season will be half over. the cardinals enter trailing the reds by a game and a half for the lead of the NL Central.

i can't say i care for the fact that this game is introduced by as "carpenter fights through injury to make start." let's hope getting struck on the arm has left no serious problems for chris.

manny parra has been a welcome relief for milwaukee fans from a brewers rotation that puts the brewers ahead of only the diamondbacks, pirates, and orioles in starter FIP. lucky for the brewers, one of those three teams is in their division. while they still have one of the best offenses in the majors, their pitching is killing them. their fifth-worst defense probably doesn't help either.