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This Week Around Viva El Birdos: July 19-24

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I'm just beginning my yearly trip outside the bounds of the internet, so this is a day early, but it's time for volume two of This Week Around Viva El Birdos. (Subtitle: If you aren't following the fanposts and SB Nation St. Louis as closely as you should be, it is relatively easy to catch up with it here, but stop doing that.) 

SB Nation St. Louis

This week's feature about the Cardinals was written by Alex Fritz, who took time off from his busy schedule at the fore of the Roy Oswalt beat to write a piece wondering about Jaime Garcia's case in particular and the seemingly increased whiteness in the stands at Busch Stadium in general:

Here is my problem: The last time a Mexican rookie pitcher had these kind of numbers four months into the season (let alone two) his local Latino community had damn near knighted him. Granted, that was Fernando Valenzula, and he took not just Los Angeles but the entitre country by storm, but I honestly feel that by now the Saint Louis Latino community should be having weekly parades down Cherokee Street in Kid Garcia's honor.

So where, in the burgeoning Saint Louis Latino community, is the disconnect? Maybe I have been disillusioned by reading too many Roberto Clemente books this summer, and wish the bodegas still swung to the rhythm of Spanish speaking announcers calling ball games while men wearing awesome hats did whatever they damn-well needed to do, but has the Latino community in not just Saint Louis, but most of America, stopped following American professional baseball the way the African-Amercian community stopped following a generation ago?

Here's what I like about his writing: at his most thoughtful he is still inclined to include the word Mexcellent in a headline. This week on The Sports of St. Louis, the only blog on the internet with my face on it, we talked about Walt Jocketty's Jason Isringhausen crush; the Globe-Democrat's sports staff walkoutChris Carpenter's tattoo; and whether it's true that men 25-54 think AM radio is totally weak, bro. Among other things. 


VEB alumni watch: chuckb, the masked man who appeared in town from parts unknown after houstoncardinal had to return to his home planet, put together a great fanpost about Roy Oswalt's value relative to Shelby Miller's. On Friday fanpost veteran bgh checked Dan Haren's supposed history of late-season fades against his xFIP, and Thursday BVHeck delivered a very pleasant winning streak post-mortem. Choice fact: "Oh and speaking of striking out, Albert didn't strike out once that whole Streak! Viva El Mang!"

ap5mvp's first fanpost, about Roy Oswalt, is perhaps most notable for debuting "fatty" is a possible (and presumably affectionate) nickname for Albert Pujols. On July 21 Dave Pendleton, in what might be a VEB first, took a dispassionate, undecided look at Aaron Miles

And I'd be remiss if I didn't note that azruavatar, SB Nation's only robotic moderator, did not like Inception. I still haven't seen the movie, so I can't confirm that his purportedly spoiler-filled review is not actually just a profanity-laden screed about how much I suck. 

But if that's the case he has hell to pay when it finally gets to the dollar theaters, God as my witness.