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This Week Around VEB: July 12-18

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Viva El Birdos is unconventionally set up, as far as blogs go—long-form entries, no breaking news, mostly one story a day—but there's a lot of other Cardinals-related content being generated around SB Nation. So while I plug SB Nation St. Louis I thought I'd also take this opportunity to start a weekly summary of VEB's fanposts, which taken in full view format forms an enjoyable shadow-VEB.

SB Nation St. Louis

On SB Nation St. Louis we ran three Cardinals features last week. On July 12 Your Host wrote about the Top Five things not to worry about over the All-Star Break, which I am happy to say included whether or not the Home Run Derby would break Matt Holliday. On Friday Alex Fritz liveblogged the 1994 All-Star Game, which featured the antics of, among others, Ozzie Smith and The Gregg Jefferies. Spoiler alert:

And just like that, it's over. The National League's six year losing streak is done, and we are all sure there will never be a streak like that again. Fred McGriff is your All-Star Game MVP and we head into the second half of the summer of 1994, a summer that will surely not destroy my childhood and make me bitter and jaded for the rest of my life.

And this morning I took a look at Jon Jay, the minor league hero of the month to date.

There's also the Sports of St. Louis blog, which I update a few times a day, news willing. Among other things I examined the Molina brothers' relationship and whined about Edinson Volquez


On Shadow-VEB—seriously, I love the full view—we have, most recently, a poll about Adam Wainwright's Cy Young chances. There's also an interesting post about the need to play Felipe Lopez given his precarious Elias ranking and this retrospective and discussion thread about baseball cards. (Me, I'm lucky to have grown up in a time when Mothers throwing away valuable baseball cards had become an archetype to avoid.)

On July 13 VolsnCards5 ran down the ten most valuable trading commodities on the Cardinals. I'd have trouble pulling the trigger on anybody above number six, and I'd have trouble getting value out of anybody below number seven. An awkward position!

On July 12 there were no fewer than three fanposts: there was discussion about trading for leadoff options, trading for Alex Gonzalez (how about Yunel Escobar, straight up?), and, astonishingly enough, Eminem's "Not Afraid" as performed by Tony La Russa and noted hypeman Aaron Miles.