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game - 6.5.10 - MIL @ STL

6215_medium 29705_medium

chris narveson adam ottavino

5.81 ERA 6.35

4.00 FIP 4.51

4.32 xFIP 5.00

3.81 tERA 5.47

44.4 GB% 62.5

it's the battle of the once and future (well, current) cardinal pitching prospects. chris should be an inspiration to struggling pitching prospects everywhere. after a lengthy stint in the cardinal system, narveson finally put it together in his age 27 season. he's still not a great pitcher, but the brewers could do worse to fill up the back end of their rotation. unfortunately, two things are true of the brewers - 1) they are paying one of those worse someones a lot of money to be a terrible reliever and 2) the back end of their rotation is everybody whose name is not "yovani."

i'm curious to see how adam does. he had a terrible outing last week, hurt by both of the two bad true outcomes (bad from a pitcher's perspective), but he's still adapting to the majors. he could show signs of bouncing back. so far, in the battle between him and peej to not be demoted when penny turns up again, it looks like nobody's winning.