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A minor morning post

It's been an interesting weekend thus far.  I'm in Northern Illinois watching the Low-A Quad Cities and I've had neither the opportunity nor the predilection to watch Cardinals baseball this weekend.  There's little more to discuss with regards to recent roster moves though I was pleased to find one Fernando Salas.  He's likely doomed for a Jeff Suppan induced departure but baby steps are necessary to remove me from the ledge of "the last roster spot".

It's good, as always to see HR: Colby Rasmus in the boxscore again.  Less good to see was the abbreviated start by Ottavino. As I didn't see the start, it's hard to comment much about it but these types of short starts are what gives Jeff Suppan a foot in the door.  The problem is that, maybe, perhaps, that's justified.  It's not justified in that Jeff Suppan is little more than a replacement level player but Adam Ottavino isn't without his warts either. Ottavino's stuff remains undeniable but the results have been somewhat limited thus far.

The Cardinals have a small window of opportunity to survive on four starters but the worst fears about the rotation from the offseason have been confirmed.  Short of Chris Carpenter's arm falling off (PLEASE NO!), Brad Penny injury seems to linger, Lohse's 2009 injury has made it's way into 2010 and the sixth starters from Memphis have yet to settle comfortably into the St. Louis starting role.  Jaime Garcia's walk rate seems to be the last thing I needed to view after these remarks but 5 BB on Friday and a 4+ BB per 9 are leaving an unpleasant taste in my mouth.  If prior to 2010 my complaint about the rotation was a lack of dominant aces, the complaint now seems to be a complaint consistent pitching beyond our two aces.  I'd like to have my cake and eat it too please.

Forgive me for keeping things brief this weekend.  Game time is 3:10pm.