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Viva El Birdos Sellout League: The Month that Was

We got off to a slow start—the extended draft took six to eight months, ending finally with Cards Fan in Chitown's selection of Rod Barajas in the 18th pick of the 18th round. (Not a bad position for a guy with 7 home runs [and, admittedly, nothing else.]) But now the "Viva El Birdos Sell-out League, Brought to You By" has lurched into its second month, with April ending in a four-way race for first.

First place, as of today, goes to Enigma35, with Team Enigma, which stands at 26-12-14. He's had some outstanding years from the players from which that was always expected—Roy Halladay, Ryan Zimmerman—and he's also benefited from Andre Ethier's huge start to the year and 16th rounder Barry Zito's surprise return from irrelevance. 

My own Team Cannonball Titcombs is just one game back in the loss column. I've suffered through a rough start from Adam Dunn, who's just now turning back into Adam Dunn, and Clayton Kershaw. And Jason Kubel, Starting Left Fielder was probably a bad choice, even in a huge leage. But Robinson Cano's been great, Alfonso Soriano and Vlad Guerrero are teetering on the right side of the cliff's edge, and I still have hopes that Chipper Jones will climb back up. 

Tied with me for second is SFNLH1B—you can unwind the VEB meme therein yourself—kyle3776's squad. He snatched Paul Konerko in the 13th round and Chris Young in the 15th round—one pick after Chitown selected Jaime Garcia—and that... well, that's worked out pretty well so far.

And also tied in the cluster at the top are Taskmaster's Swedish Chefs, at 25-12-15. Chris Carpenter and James Shields sit at the top of his rotation, but his best trick is keeping Dallas Braden and Alex Rodriguez on the same team. 

Standings and disclaimer after the jump—it's early enough for any team to leap into first place by our next update.

Team User Record
1 Enigma Enigma35 26-12-14
2 Swedish Chefs kyle3776 25-12-15
3 Cannonball Titcombs danup 26-13-13
4 SFNLH1B Taskmaster 26-13-13
5 The Pros Ghostrider520 19-18-15
6 Chin Music CodyG 19-19-14
7 Underemployed Attorneys dronemc 19-20-13
8 Peoria Middlemanagers purple_haze 18-19-15
9 El Gato Grande TomCat009 18-19-15
10 Big League Chews slu 19-20-13
11 Albrtfn Albrtfn 18-21-13
12 Roster Matrix Cards Fan in Chitown 18-21-13
13 Jeff Passan is an Asshat. RiverRat 16-22-14
14 Magnum Force sociopath 17-23-12
15 The Cardinal Law thecardinallaw 16-23-13
16 stlcardinalsfang stlcardinalsfang 16-23-13
17 MooCow's Swingin' Udders! ??? 16-24-12
18 Effin Fisk effin fisk 12-22-18

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