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sunday day game overflow

great game today from carpenter. motte is starting to look like the pitcher we had always hoped he would become.

check this out -- this handy color-coded chart from stat corner shows that we have a basically all above average staff, ranked by tRA. chris carpenter shows a slightly below average rating, but his stats do not include today's 7 innings of shutout ball. i suspect that once updated it should reflect the great results we are getting from our staff. we have three starting pitchers with tRA+ (like ERA+, but with tRA) at or above 140, which is ace category. 

more interesting is that (except for dennys reyes after his blow-up the other night) our bullpen is all-above average. franklin, hawk, and miller are all showing some nice results in our limited sample size (recently upgraded from small).

also, i have to add a link to this. hfs.