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Easter Sunday Open Thread

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I don't see a main today, and yesterday's thread is a bit unwieldy, so I thought I might toss up a quck something for anyone who might be passing the holiday VEB style to use.

First off, Happy Easter to all, and to all a good Opening Night. Yanks and Sawx tonight on ESPN. Real Effing Baseball. That's right. Let me just say that again because it feels so good. Opening Night, real baseball. Tonight. I think I need a towel now.

Second, can I tell you how disappointed I am the Cardinals aren't playing today? After all, I'm sure everyone remembers what happened the last time Albert Pujols played on Easter Sunday against the Redlegs. Whoops, shit. Time for another towel.

Third, Butler is awesome, and Duke is even better. I'm a Mizzou fan first and foremost because of geographic allegiance and the high number of my friends who happen to be alumni, but Duke has always been my great college hoops love. The nice thing is there's no possible way the finals could end with a team I dislike winning the championship. I can root for my boys in blue, and if they lose, we still have one of the great underdog victory stories of recent history to celebrate. Win-win.

Um, hmm. I don't really have anything else today. Everyone enjoy their holiday, and if you aren't celebrating, enjoy a lovely Sunday afternoon anyhow. There's a big car show in Forest Park. Might be better than your mother's insipid green bean casserole and fatty ham for the 20th year in a row...