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St. Louis @ San Francisco: Game 18 Open Thread


Brad Penny Matt Cain
2.20 FIP 2.90 FIP


Penny has been excellent thus far and is featuring what pitch f/x classifies as a splitter this year far more frequently than in the past. The Cardinals offense needs to snap out of the spell they've been under from San Francisco pitchers. The combination of a huge ballpark and dominant pitching has quelled whatever magic the thin Arizona air held for them. I'd expect TLR to feature a new lineup card as his characteristic response to an offensive funk.

The Giants haven't fared terribly well against the Cardinals' pitchers scoring just 4 earned runs in 2 games. Really, that shouldn't surprise us for a team that features Aubrey Huff and Bengie Molina as the "power bats" of their lineup. If you don't enjoy pitcher's duels, I'd suggest watching one of the movie recommendations from the morning's thread.