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bryan anderson day!

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i don't see a main thread and i know you all get restless without a main thread. i don't want to see cars burning in the streets of st. louis, so here's a main post.

hooray! a vote of confidence in our best catching prospect.


The Cardinals have placed backup catcher Jason LaRue on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to April 12. LaRue strained his right hamstring running out a seventh-inning grounder Sunday night in Milwaukee.

Catcher Bryan Anderson has been called up from Memphis to take LaRue’s spot on the roster.

Anderson, 23, is a lefthanded batter with a career .300 average over five seasons in the Cards’ farm system. He started four of Triple-A Memphis’ six games this season and was batting .333 with a homer and 3 RBIs.

Matt Pagnozzi, who is considered defensively superior to Anderson, started the other Memphis games behind the plate and was 0 for 6 with four strikeouts.  Pagnozzi, 27, is a career .210 hitter through seven seasons in the Cards’ system.



now, if anderson's role is to pick up six PA's over the next 15 days, then this isn't huge news. to me, it's more meaningful that it's the closest thing to a vote of confidence in anderson from the front office that i have seen in a long time. it's also a sign that we may be at last waking up from the national nightmare that is matt pagnozzi.

also, i challenge you to read the second to last sentence in the block quote without putting air quotes around "defensively superior."

on another note, our fearless leader had a birthday sometime roughly last weekend. i had meant to mention it in my saturday post, but forgot. he may still be in japan, which is like three or four days behind us,right? so it probably still counts to wish danup a happy birthday.