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Game 6 Overflow Thread

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I'm struck by the way some players can rapidly endear themselves to us. Joe Mather's a good player but, outside of that circus catch, hasn't done much to date. But we love him. David Freese has fumbled a few balls to start the season but hasn't really done much to date. But we hate him. We love Colby. We don't love Stavinoha. We love Allen Craig. We don't love Shane Robinson.

Is this a product of increased coverage of the minors? Is it a creation of statistics giving us a forewarning as to who is going to be a good player? I'm not sure but I find it interesting as far as fan psychology goes.

Go Cards!


[Az edit: As a clarification, when I use the word "hate" above, which in retrospect I wouldn't, I don't mean that fans are building effigies or the like. I was trying to convey what seems to be a predetermined mindset or prejudice toward some players. I don't actively "hate" any of these players in the visceral sense; more that I'm predisposed to disgruntlement when I see them on the field.]