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Sunday open thread

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Sorry guys, no post today.  I've had a very busy weekend so far (my little brother became a Jewish man!), and haven't had time to work on anything.  

Some topics for discussion...

  • Graham's series of primers at LL.  There is some good stuff those, and anyone who has questions relating to the topics discussed should speak up. 
  • THT unveils their forecasting system based off of Brian Cartwright's Oliver projections.  There are many features available including 6 year forecasts for over 7,000 players, over 1,300 player comments provided by team bloggers (including LBoros for the Cardinals) and weekly updates during the season.  It costs 14.95 for the whole year, but in my opinion, it's worth it (especially if you do a lot of Fantasy) and you can think of it as a way to give back to a website that provides a ton of good content for free.  /end marketing ad
  • Wanna get Pitch f/x data?  Dave Allen has answers.
  • The Met's snatched up Kiko Calero, so it appears the only useful free agent left is John Smoltz.  Given our hilariously tenuous health circumstances in the rotation, I have no idea why we haven't signed him yet. 
  • Giveml had a really good FanPost recently about the Cardinals and the BA's top 100 prospects list.  Basically, our minor league system isn't great right now, and some possible improvements could come from more high risk picks in the draft as well as tapping the foreign markets.  I don't necessarily think that a good farm is going to be very important for the Cards over the next couple of years, given the stability of our roster; however, once Molina, Wainwright, Pujols, et al, start to get more expensive, we are going to need a good farm to sustain success (or raise payroll).  However, I can say that I have full confidence in Luhnow to revamp the system.
  • Here is a cool article looking at whether or not a pitcher's velocity has a predictive effect beyond his stats.  Basically, are the slow throwers more likely to under-perform their projections than the hard throwers?  The answer will probably not surprise you.  This study only scratches the surface of what is the next frontier of sabermetric analysis, which is, in my opinion, the reconciliation of stats and scouting.
  • Finally, some time in the next couple of weeks, I will be answering 5 questions about the St. Louis Cardinals for THT.  LBoros did them last year.  I think I am supposed to generate the questions and answers myself, but that seems kind of boring to me, so I would rather take questions from you guys.  So if you want to help, just indicate that you are asking a question, and if it's interesting, it might appear in the article.