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March 4 Open Thread: Cardinals! Mets! Baseball!

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MacLane Dickey
0-0, 0.00 0-0, 0.00

Baseball! Baseball that is on expanded cable and MLB.TV! Baseball that features a knuckleballer!

A new year means a new type of fixed-verse novelty poetry. Clerihews for everybody!

R.A. Dickey
Knuckled under quickly
When they found no hint
of his ulnar collateral ligament.

Evan MacLane
to some scouts' disdain
might outgun Rapid Robert
today, with a head start.

The analysis to which you are accustomed will appear after the game. In the meantime, hidden in a Goold blog entry detailing today's travel squad was this, which should be adequate for anyone worried that the Cardinals were not trying anything weird enough this year—

Shane Robinson (who has been working with Jose Oquendo as an infielder)

Well, fine, I guess. But a minor league OPS of .697 in 1100 at-bats doesn't really play anywhere, even though it is, I suppose, exactly 120 points higher than Matt Pagnozzi's. The Cardinals have enough infielders jostling for playing time in Memphis that they released Jarrett Hoffpauir, who already fielded like a converted outfielder but at least hit like one; I'm not sure what this move does, except for neutralize Robinson's one asset.