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happy boogday!

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game today starts at 1:05 ET/12:05 CT.

adam wainwright v. mets. word on the street is that brendan ryan returns to live baseball action today.

let's see the early news today is that allen craig, with help from tyler greene, broke stephen strasburg. humiliated by being torched by craig and greene for home runs yesterday, wunderkind stephen strasburg is being sent to minor league camp. 

also, the faa and norad are launching a joint effort to review whether albert pujols is a threat to aircraft or low-flying satellites.

scientists reveal that publicly sharing your thoughts on social media while sharing a genetic link with ozzie guillen is prone to get you fired and/or shunned from polite society. dissenting scientists suggest that  in fact nurture, rather than nature, is behind such behavior.

matt leach puts together a reasonable assessment of current conventional wisdom on opening day roster makeup.

insofar as opportunities at spring training are indicative of one's standing at spring training, a quick look at spring training stats sorted by AB's and IP yields a couple interesting factoids.

on the distressing side, nick stavinoha has more AB's than anybody but freese and schumaker. luckily, craig and mather are putting together very nice spring training and I think they're good bets to go north; jon jay has flashed the gritting but not the hitting this spring. maybe he turns it around and makes a real competition. but so help me god, if nick stavinoha and his magical springtime babip luck end up on this squad . . . . bah.

reassuringly, matt pagnozzi has gotten only 8 AB's so far - fewer than distinct non-prospects like donovan solano, but seven more than bryan anderson. seriously, he gets released after one at-bat? he's going to have to have a very nice 2010 to get noticed again, if he can manage any playing time in memphis. for now, it seems like pagnozzi is getting all the institutional attention as the next catcher up in the event of injury.

on the pitching side, adam ottavino checks in with a nice little 8.1 IP with one run allowed so far (but 5 walks permitted). he comes right between real in-the-mix types jaime garcia and salas in terms of number of innings pitched. my interpretation there is not that he is at risk of going into the competition but that the club wanted to see more about how he was pitching to figure out how to manage his development. that said, the seventh bullpen spot is up in the air right now. we could do worse than ottavino in that role, even with brad thompson safely in the royals org.

as for other pitchers, pete parise, eduardo sanchez, blake hawksworth, and josh kinney have all gotten innings numbers consistent with already released players like tyler norrick and francisco samuel. i must admit to being a bit confused as to how these innings are apportioned though there has to be some dumb luck to it- e.g., you were in line to get some innings but the starter that day was cruising so we let him go an extra inning or so. 

in other news around the org, shawn garceau gets a little good press after some time in the doghouse. 

enjoy the game.

p.s. please enough with the college basketball. we starved for baseball all winter. should we scorn baseball, even temporarily, after it finally arrives, the gods of baseball may punish us.