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Backup Catcherz Z-ve Morzing Thread

MLB Winter Meetings, Day Three-ish: Derrick Goold reports that the St. Louis Cardinals could be blocking Bryan Anderson again as soon as today, if they play their cards right. I kid because—okay, because it's a little depressing, but I'm glad the Cardinals are moving, as Mozeliak mentioned yesterday, from the "catch and throw [and not hit]" model of backup catching. Bengie Molina is probably done but he's at least a nod in the right direction; Gregg Zaun is so ideal that he's been the Practically Perfect Backup Catcher since Baseball Prospectus could actually make nicknames like that stick. 

Making a move at backup catcher is one of those personnel shifts that doesn't do much unless something goes terribly wrong. But if the Cardinals can insure themselves against a Yadier Molina injury, gain a little offense at 100 at-bats that are usually written off, and maybe even give Molina more time to rest his weary knees, I'm fine with the move.

The other thing it's important to know about Gregg Zaun—and if it can't be Bryan Anderson that's who I'll be rooting for, family ties aside—is that he has the best website in the world. (WARNING: Not safe for workplaces that don't appreciate Rush, or bringin' your Z GAME!!)