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Tuesday Morning Thread

Sorry guys; I have a lot of deadlines to hit over the next few days and my Monday night has been packed. I'll try to get something up this afternoon. Here are some possible topics of discussion:

  • Is trading two stagnated pitching prospects for a third baseman, Mark Reynolds, who was fascinating two years ago the most Baltimore Orioles trade of all time (without involving Melvin Mora in some way)? Is Mark Reynolds an especially Orioley player or has Oriole residue gotten on him already and changed my impression of a guy I'm pretty sure I enjoyed watching as of two days ago?
  • Should Nationals GM Mike Rizzo be worried that articles about the Jayson Werth signing are already being headlined "Rizzo: I don't apologize for signing Jayson Werth"?
  • Can someone tell me what a brief meeting between Albert Pujols's employers and Albert Pujols's agent is supposed to entail? "Oh, hi, Mr. Lozano. We at the St. Louis Cardinals would like to continue to employ your client." "I'm glad to hear it, Mr. Mozeliak. We'll be in touch" I feel like everything that could possibly be discussed in a brief meeting has played out organically over the last tense year and a half. 

I was going to leave you with an off-topic suggestion as well, but then that would be on-topic. I'd be interested to see further discussion as to the identity of the Best Simpsons Episode Ever, for what that's worth, although I'm still having trouble narrowing it down from three or four season four episodes.