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Christmas Eve Eve Thread

I'm going to be honest: I have nothing to say today. The closest I've come to the St. Louis Cardinals over the last two days is a little Christmas Break Baseball Mogul readdiction; the closest the Cardinals have come to doing something interesting over the last two days is—to be honest, I don't even have anything with which to balance this side of the sentence. They've done nothing interesting. The negotiations re: Albert Pujols's contract are being performed via legilimency. (Note: This is a fanon interpretation of legilimency, and also sports agents.) 

It is the day before the day before Christmas, and holiday creep dictates that pretty soon we will celebrate it for some reason. As for baseball discussion, I'm pretty intrigued by the following ZiPS projections, since we haven't quite hit them square yet:

Daniel Descalso: .268/.330/.394. This strikes me as really high, and also kind of exciting. That's about what I was expecting out of Felipe Lopez last year, right down to the atrocious defense at shortstop, but without a platoon advantage to exploit I'm worried Descalso will have trouble finding time at second base behind Skip Schumaker (.276/.333/.365). 

Bryan Anderson (.261/.319/.387) and Gerald Laird (.240/.302/.342).