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The St. Louis Cardinals and MemphisBench: Morning Thread

Okay, so by VEB returning at its usual timeslot I actually meant returning several hours later than its usual timeslot. Is it possible to claim jetlag if you've moved forward in time exactly one hour? I'll have some irregularly scheduled programming this afternoon, but in the meantime no news is still no news. 

The news vacuum has gotten especially precarious because it seems we've all run out of Brendan Ryan Angles to discuss without our dialogue getting a little Cabin Feverish, and the Cardinals decided to stop making moves at that moment exactly. So, in an attempt to sidle away from the question of whether or not Boog would've (he would've), I think we're left with its cousin: Do you think the Cardinals will end up with the inexperienced bench posited in Leach's latest article at the official site? Do you think they should?

I'm excited about seeing everybody on the hypothetical bench—Allen Craig, Jon Jay, Daniel Descalso, Tyler Greene—but I think options remain that are better than, say, Descalso for the 2011 season, whether the Cardinals are thinking of pulling that Edgar Renteria trigger or not. 

My reticence about the MemphisBench (this is what they would be called if they were a piece of mid-nineties productivity software) stems, I think, from its incompleteness—Craig, Jay, Descalso, Greene, Bryan Anderson would have set my prospect-geek heart a-flutter, but once you start spending seven figures on Gerald Laird the concept is ruined.