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All Tony Rasmus Wants For Christmas Is Your Attention: Morning Thread

A real Friday post is forthcoming, etc. etc.—ETA this afternoon. In the meantime, there's still plenty to discuss about Tony Rasmus's weird joke/hoax/latest-attempt-to-stage-manage-his-talented-son's-career. In case you weren't around for the quick turnaround on this item—Rasmus left a bunch of comments on the Cardinal Nation Blog that Brian Walton eventually got up into a post.

Strauss (#smughashtag #secondsmughashtag) among others has called it, variously, a hoax and a spoof, and it reads that way in hindsight, but Dad Rasmus calling gotcha on this would be a little like Rick Ankiel walking to the mound tomorrow, intentionally throwing one over the screen, and then bringing in the cast of Punk'd. Basically I'm not sure it's a personal victory if people are so willing to believe the worst from all Tonys concerned thanks to five years of spoof-like but ostensibly earnest behavior. 

Elsewhere on the internet: Our own Alex Fritz has intercepted various St. Louis celebrities' Christmas lists. All Colby wants is an everyday job and a bitchin' Camaro. I'm told the Camaro has been retrofitted with a four-cylinder engine and painted fleet white, because the Cardinals saw a more sensible car filling that role.