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The Further Discussion of All Things Thread

Please forgive me, folks, but things have come up at work I have to deal with, and I'm just not going to be able to put together a full post for today. Yesterday's thread is bursting at the seams, though (and, I'm sure, messing with your load times something fierce), so here's an open thread to get you through until tomorrow.

I published my own thoughts about the Ryan Theriot deal yesterday over at the RFT; spoiler alert: I don't much care for it. Unfortunately, this team continues making decisions day after day without asking my opinion first, so it seems like this sort of thing is just going to keep happening.

Juan Uribe is off the market, Orlando Hudson is still out there, Cliff Lee may stay a Ranger, and Jacoby Ellsbury may be on the block.  Discuss whatever you like. I do apologise again for this shoddy substitute for real content, but that's just how it is today. Have a nice rest of your Wednesday.