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To a backup catcher, signing elsewhere

We saw you, Pags, in Tony's face
A gritty glimmer in his eye
We faced you with a gritty sigh.

To-day we see a change has come
As Colorado brings you home
And puts you at your threshold, down
Catching in a minors town.

Smart lad, to latch on now away
To fans who've never seen you play
For strangely though your favor massed
It withered quicker than I'd guessed...
Your gritty window has been shut
Though shocked I was when you were cut
For backup catchers have careers
That stoke a birdo's greatest fears.

Now you will not swell the rout
In late innings, making outs
Runners whose on-base outran
When rallies died ahead of plan.

So set, before your hustle fades
Out somewhere where you'll be paid
To someplace new, and butter-up
The guy who draws the rosters up

And round your gritty, gritty head
Will complain Purple Row instead
And at the center of that crowd
You'll find your savior, Dan O'Dowd