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World Series Game Two Open Thread

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I was a little disappointed to see Cliff Lee's postseason invincibility spoiled so dramatically, or maybe undramatically—I believe very firmly in the uselessness of the average small sample size, but that doesn't mean that baseball isn't more fun when they're around. Mariano Rivera isn't really a 0.71 ERA pitcher in the postseason, but baseball's better for the fact that right now he appears to be one. Cody Ross hasn't participated in an incredibly dangerous possession ritual with Barry Bonds, but my hope is that when the World Series is over it still looks like he has. 

I was reminded while it was happening of game one of the 2004 World Series, but looking back at it that one was considerably wilder, and closer—and sloppier from the very beginning. This one was always a little off, but it seemed for a while like it would be a game played within our reasonable expectations of a Lee/Lincecum matchup. 

The Giants have the pitching advantage in game two—C.J. Wilson at Matt Cain—and another win could make this series's resemblance to the 2004 debacle a little more depressing. 

Also, I just want to mention it while it's still true: Mark Lowe, a late addition to the Rangers' series roster, now has a career Rangers ERA of 17.18. One reason to hope the Rangers come back and win this: So that, decades from now, when Lowe's grandkids ask him about his championship ring, he has to lie about it.