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Let's talk about the Cardinals' coaching staff (and how great Andy Pettitte's PED apology must have been)

I got back late Sunday night from a wedding, during which I didn't behave nearly irresponsibly enough to really earn this day off. That said—this morning I am as exhausted as the current Cardinals news cycle. Tony La Russa: He might be the Cardinals manager, but then, he might not be.

In addition to the Rangers-Yankees game, this might be worth discussing—lost in the talk about La Russa being all but a sure thing is this particularly Straussian blurb from the article itself:

Still unclear is whether La Russa will retain his entire coaching staff, which has received significant front-office scrutiny long before the team concluded its 86-76 second-place season.

This could well be a Full-Unicorn item—the recasting of a long-term trend as a hot-button issue—but it's interesting to think about; La Russa certainly has a lot to do with the tone of the clubhouse, and the way in which it operates, but is his influence so strong that any coaching changes would be irrelevant to the makeup of the team?

Also, does this mean Mark McGwire won't pinch hit next September?