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The H Word

Despite Dan's courageous effort to avoid using the H word this morning, Tony La Russa has emerged from his basement twittering confines (he's like us now guys!) to drop some knowledge on recently back from vacation Joe Strauss.  In an unusual turn of events, Joe Strauss decided not to singlehandedly decrease VEB users production tomorrow and post the story prior to midnight.

Unfortunately, "the story" really just sets a timetable for Cardinal withdrawal from negotiations.  It's a brief exit strategy so refresh buttons across St. Louis will soon find reprieve:

Amid growing signs that the Cardinals and free-agent left fielder Matt Holliday were on the brink of a franchise-record contract to keep the former batting champion in St. Louis, manager Tony La Russa acknowledged Monday that any deal should be finalized sometime this week.


Negotiations have touched on a variety of frameworks, ranging from five years to eight. Boras has pursued a minimum $18 million annual average value within a longer deal. Any deal is also expected to include a full no-trade clause.

Again, there's nothing particularly earthshattering here given the ambiguity of the contract details but it certainly seems like Scott Boras has finally blinked in the negotiating process.  Resolution to come forthwith.

But wait! Continue reading and you'll find some GM-speak a little further down.

La Russa has remained unswervingly optimistic about Holliday's return, even when Mozeliak projected that possibility as "less than 50-50" and Boras last month said the organization was understating its financial resources.

So maybe no resolution forthwith?  Perhaps there are more late nights ahead?

I hope that cleared things up for everyone.