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Game 138 Open Thread -- September 6, 2009

Pineiro Maholm
3.07 FIP 3.91 FIP

I've said all I have to say about Pineiro in the previous thread. I'd like to see him get back to getting the ball down more consistently but it was probably unreasonable to expect him to pitch all season the way he did for the first 4 months.

As for Maholm, how many times have we faced this guy this season? Are they messing w/ their rotation just to guarantee that we see him in every series? Will they trade him to the Brewers so that we see him later in the week? Actually, we've only seen him twice and we're 1-1 against him, putting 4 runs on him each time. We have faced him 9 times in his career and have hit him fairly well -- surprising considering we haven't hit lefties all that well over the last few years. He's faced the Astros, though, 12 times, the Reds 14 times, and the Brewers 15 times. I guess he owes us a few games.

Trying to get another sweep. Win or lose, it's been a good week and we should run out a fairly tough lineup considering what we gave Boggs to work with yesterday.