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Game 137 Open Thread -- September 5, 2009

Boggs Ohlendorf
3.94 FIP 4.95 FIP

Boggs has a great opportunity right now. We've got a big lead and Boggs can go out there and pitch w/o -- hopefully -- having to look over his shoulder too much. There's no reason for Tony to have Boggs on a short leash considering the lead we have. Boggs was OK in his last start against the Nationals. As we all know well, his key is throwing strikes. If he can throw strikes, he's got pretty good stuff. He's been hurt most often on his fastball this year but I suspect that most of the damage has come from throwing fastballs when he's behind in the count. He's only thrown first pitch strikes 52.9% of the time. He's young and will get better but it's gotta start w/ him throwing strikes early and often.

Ohlendorf walks fewer than 3 per 9 innings but doesn't strike out that many batters. He's been hurt by the long ball this year as he's been a fly ball pitcher and, as a result, has a 1.33 HR/9. Look for a fastball, a slider, and a change from the righty but only the slider has been a plus pitch for him this year.