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Game 144 Open Thread -- September 13, 2009

Vazquez Carp
2.80 FIP 2.71 FIP

This ought to be a good game. It's our best against their best. No one really appreciates how good Vazquez has been this season but he's been fantastic. That's what's ridiculous about using wins and losses to evaluate pitchers. Carp's 16-3 and Vazquez is 12-9 but Vazquez has been every bit the pitcher this year that Carp has. His K/BB ratio is 5.20.

The Cards have been swept at home 3 times this season -- once by the Phils in a 2 game series in early May, in a 3 game series by the Brewers in mid-May, and by the (gulp!) Rockies in a 4 game series in early June. Interestingly, while Wainwright started a game in all 3 series, Carp didn't start a game in ANY of them. Sounds like we'll win this one, right?