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Game 112 Open Thread -- August 8, 2009

Wainwright Morton
3.42 FIP 4.04 FIP

Wainwright's moved to 10th in the NL in FIP. Remember back in April when he was walking batters all over the place and throwing 25-30 pitches an inning? We were all wondering what the hell was wrong w/ him and Carp helped him get straightened out. Since April 24, he has a 2.73 ERA. Since May 16, his ERA is 2.23. And since June 26, his last 8 starts, his ERA is 1.49. I've probably just jinxed him but he's been terrific.

Charlie Morton came over in the Nate McLouth trade and he's been very good in 9 starts, though he's averaging just under 5 IP/start. His K/BB is 1.88 and his HR/9 is just 0.81. He throws strikes and gets ground balls (48.6% GB%) with his 4 pitch repertoire of fastball, slider, curveball and changeup. To this point his curve has been his most effective pitch but we're talking about less than 45 innings. Also, we know how our hitters tend to fare when facing a pitcher for the first time. Be prepared for a low scoring game.