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Wednesday Grand Slam Open Thread

I'll apologise to everyone in advance for the rushed nature and lack of real content in this post. However, I find myself in a rather tight spot this morning, with several obligations conspiring to leave me with absolutely no time to turn out my usual epic. I feel just awful, and promise to make it all up to you at some future date by finally breaking that 10,000 word barrier I've been building toward.

With last night's grand slam, Albert brought his season line with the bases loaded to 7-9, with 5 home runs, 24 RBIs, and one walk. That's good for a line of .778/.700/2.444. That's a 3.144 OPS, or  a 652 OPS+ if you prefer it that way. Compared to that, his line of .375/.364/1.000 last year seems positively pedestrian.

More importantly, Albert's two home runs and five RBIs last night moved him back ahead of Prince Fielder for the RBI lead, and gave him a bit of breathing room over Mark Reynolds for the home run lead. Reynolds had crept to within two, with 32 round-trippers to Albert's 34; Fielder now trails Albert 97 to 94. It's probably too late in the season for Albert to make a real run at the batting title, and thus, the Triple Crown (Hanley Ramirez currently leads the NL in batting average at .340, against Albert's .321), but it's still quite likely Albert could lead the league in the other two categories. Not that these things particularly matter, of course, but I'm already gearing up to argue why Albert deserves the MVP award this year, rather than someone who plays in Philadelphia. No idea who it's going to be, but it's almost guaranteed to be a Phillie. Just seems to be how things work nowadays.

Actually, while we're on the subject of post-season awards,  here's a topic for everyone: if the season ended today, who are your award winners? The MVP I don't think there's really much of a competition; Albert wins in a landslide. The Cy Young, on the other hand, is much more intriguing. I think it's basically a two-horse race at this point, between Tim Lincecum and Dan Haren. Lincecum has a slightly better ERA, a better W/L record (he's 12-3, for god's sake), and a much better K rate. Haren, on the other hand, has the edge in total innings, leads the league in WHIP, and has the best K/BB ratio in the NL. Right now, I think I have to give the Cy Young to Lincecum, but it's a close call. Incidentally, Chris Carpenter now leads all of baseball in ERA, but I think he'll be largely left out of contention due to his lower innings totals. Still, if he continues on the pace he's currently setting, Carp could inject his name into the conversation at the very least.

That's it, everybody. Talk amongst yourselves, try to come up with more interesting things than I was able to toss out today, and I'll have a game thread up this evening. Sorry again for the abbreviated post, but I've got to get out of here, folks.

Take care.

Whoops, almost forgot.

The Baron's Playlist for the 5th of August, 2009 - Spencer Krug Appreciation Day

"Paper Lace" - Sunset Rubdown (Actually, just go and buy the whole Dragonslayer album)

"The Same Ghost Every Night" - Wolf Parade

"The Partisan But He's Got to Know" - Swan Lake

"Bushels" - Frog Eyes