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Game 125 Open Thread -- August 22, 2009

Carpenter Correia
2.77 FIP 3.95 FIP

We've got Carp and they've got an offense averaging 3.85 runs per game. Collectively, they're 82 weighted runs below average and have a .308 team wOBA. And we're playing them in a ballpark that depresses offenses. I like our chances.

Another thing I kind of like is Kevin Correia. His K/BB ratio is nearly 2:1 and his FIP hsa been 4.06 or lower 3 of the last 4 years, counting this one. He certainly benefits from pitching in Petco as his career GB% is just 40.5%, though it's over 45% this year. Still, he's not bad for a guy nobody's really heard of. He's going to be about a league average pitcher this year and he's going to make $1.1 M at most this season, depending on hitting 32 starts. He's also under team control for 1 more year and probably won't make more than $3 - $4M in arbitration this winter. So far he's been worth 1.6 WAR which isn't too bad considering we're paying more than $11 M for Lohse and Wellemeyer's COMBINED 0.8 WAR. Twice as good for 10% of the cost. Not too shabby.