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Game 122 Open Thread -- August 20, 2009

Pineiro Stauffer
FIP 3.00 FIP 4.17

Didn't we just do this? The Cards got to Stauffer for 7 hits, 3 walks, and 4 runs in 5 innings last Saturday. Holliday hit a 2 run jack. Rasmus had 3 hits (not all of them off Stauffer).

Is it unreasonable to be a little concerned about Pineiro? He hasn't been quite as sharp of late as he'd been throughout the season, yielding 13 runs and 27 hits in his last 18.2 innings. It's gone unnoticed b/c he's actually 3-0 during that time period -- one more reason wins and losses are a horrible way to assess pitchers. In his last 2 starts against Pittsburgh and the Padres -- not exactly the '27 Yankees -- he's given up 6 runs in 13.2 innings. He seems to have been particularly vulnerable early -- giving up 1 in the first, 5 runs in the 2nd, and 2 runs in the 3rd in his last 3 starts. That's 8 runs in 9 innings over 3 starts. If I remember correctly, he's had some trouble getting the ball down early and that's led to some runs. After the 3rd, he's been better able to get the ball down and settle in.

Over the first 3 innings of his last 3 starts, he's given up 23 ground balls, 5 line drives, and 12 fly balls. Yes, it's still nearly 2:1 GB/FB but that's less than the 2.69 GB/FB ratio he has for the season. A few too many fly balls have led to some extra base hits over the last 3. In fact, 2 of the 5 homers he's given up this year have come during the first 3 innings over the last 3 games. Let's get him w/a lead in the 4th and we should be OK, right?