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The 2009 Draft in Review, Part Two

Monday night, and it's raining. I write tonight to avoid being late. I write this way just because.

The Cardinals got Shelby signed, and I'm happy. He's good, this kid, and will be better.

I hope the game was good last night, but I'm not optimistic. Billingsley is good, Boggs is an enigma. Maybe our kid figured it out and theirs struggled coming back.

Last week, I covered the early rounds of the draft. This week, I'll do the rest, highlighting those players who deserve attention in my eyes. Beyond the break we head, friends.

 Not everyone the Cardinals drafted is interesting, but plenty of them are. I'll stick with the interesting picks; you came here for interesting, right?

Jason Stidham, SS, Florida State University, 8th round

Stidham lacks foot speed, but his other tools and numbers are solid. Some of everything is his calling card. He may not have the range for shortstop long term. His bat plays well as a middle infielder, but moved to a corner, the production is a bit lacking. A great name, and ripe for punning.

Hector Hernandez, LHP, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy High School, 10th round

Hernandez is intriguing, if only because he's a rarity for a Cardinal draft.  Short and stocky and already mature, Hector will have to watch his weight. A nice mix of pitches begins with a fastball at 90, with anything else you like. He's too young to be crafty, but he will be.

Alan Ahmady, 1B, Fresno State University, 11th round

Ahmady is a hitter, plain and simple. Discipline at the plate meets a lack of it personally, as his behavior is an issue. Suspended twice in college, he has performed since the draft. Mark Hamilton turned around from the right side sounds good to me.

Matt Carpenter, 3B, Texas Christian University, 13th round

As a third baseman, Carpenter makes all the plays. As a hitter, he sits in the middle of the spectrum. A little power and excellent discipline make him a fine example of thinking about results. He runs well, and really functions as a jack of all trades. Carpenter is a bit older, having taken a red shirt year in college, and he's hit very well in pro ball. He could use a challenge to see what's really there.

Scott Schneider, RHP, St. Mary's College, 20th round

A name to remember for the sleeper lists over the winter, Schneider has put up great numbers in his debut. He's a converted infielder who has only pitched full time this year, so a fresh arm is attractive. Think of him as Brad Thompson with a little bit better stuff. High 80s sinker and a nice changeup. There may be more in him as he continues to pitch, but we won't know until then.

Daniel Calhoun, LHP, Murray State University, 29th round

Liam likes Calhoun, so I joked his fate is sealed. He's big and strong and walks no one, and his strikeout rate is good. An FIP of 2.14 in Batavia this season is sure to catch the eye. Calhoun is just the sort you see get a challenge promotion next year. Watch him going forward.

 Tyler Bighames, SS, Estero HS (FL), 32nd round

Bighames fell in the draft until teams believed he would go to college, putting a top ten round talent much later. His mother called teams and told them her son wanted to play ball. The Cardinals pounced early on the third day. Bighames is a tool shed, with bat speed the best of his abilities. He's big for a shortstop, and has played elsewhere as a pro. I see third base as his home one day.

Andrew Moss, RHP, Lincoln University (PA), 35th round

I've never heard of Lincoln University. Moss grew up in Piedmont, Missouri, on the shores of Clearwater Lake. My family would vacation there when I was small. He has a bit of Jeff Suppan in him, with a repertoire average across the board and command of it. Moss is 22 already, so he may be promoted aggressively.

Aaron Terry, RHP, Southern Arkansas University, 42nd round

Being only 5'11" and right-handed, Terry is in a scary demographic for pitchers. His numbers are only scary for opposing hitters, though. He's striking out more than a third of the hitters he sees at Johnson City. A reliever to keep in the back of your head, much like Matt Frevert.

There are a few other guys of interest, but that's a pretty good list. The Cardinals had a fascinating draft this year, more creative than most I recall. They broke their own mold in the first round. They took one of the best stories of the draft in the second, and Stock looks like a steal.  As someone who has been critical of past drafts, I have to say I like this one. It feels interesting in a way few others do. Volumes could be written on the Stock pick alone.

Of the players on this list today, I like Hernandez and Calhoun and Bighames the best. All had better talent than where they were picked. All have big potential going forward. A perfect final thought for a draft.

The Baron's Playlist for the 19th of August, 2009 - A Portrait of the Artist at Thirteen

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