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Cardinals show Shelby Miller the money

This takes a little sting off the Holliday trade, doesn't it? From Twitter, 2009's favorite affront to the newspaper, via JonathanMayo:

Source tells me Shelby Miller has indeed agreed to terms with the Cards. No. 19 pick in #mlbdraft will indeed get $2.9 mil as I guesstimated

Tired, perhaps, of hearing the managing partner's name turned into shorthand for a team that doesn't care enough to open De—well, you know—the Cardinals have spent the last month and a half operating as though they were the Red Sox.

Wagner Mateo got $3.1 million, the overseas bonus of the year; Matt Holliday was acquired, on the cusp of being the free agent of the offseason, for years of possible cost control; and now the Cardinals have thrown a little more than twice the slot recommendation at a guy who only fell their way because of signability issues. This year has begun to remind me of the early years of JockettyBall, which featured both the famed prospect trades for veterans and the occasional foray (Ankiel, Drew) into signability land. It's a tough combination to beat.

Shelby Miller almost immediately becomes the best prospect in this weakened system; it's a shame MLB's ridiculous draft procedures have basically resigned teams to losing the chance to play their first rounder in short season ball, but as good as he's supposed to be it would be surprising not to see his mid-nineties fastball in full season ball as soon as next year.