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Game 119 Open Thread -- August 16, 2009

Richard Lohse
4.58 FIP 4.38 FIP

. Hopefully he can pitch another good one today. Our 2nd most expensive starter has proven to be what we always knew he was -- a 4th starter -- but w/ just about 6 weeks left in the regular season, we need a solid 4th starter to help us close out the division. We don't need him to be Carp, but quality starts would go a long way toward helping us win the division. The team is only 5-11 in his starts, mostly b/c they've scored 3 runs or fewer for him 9 times. They're averaging 4.06 runs scored per start but that's a little deceiving -- they scored 12 against the Mets back in April for him. Let's get 4-5 runs and win this thing.

Lohse is opposed by lefty Clayton Richard, who came over from the White Sox in the Jake Peavy deal. He's been a bit prone to the walk (3.89/9 IP) and homer (1.10/9 IP) though he appears to be a ground ball pitcher (49.2 GB% for his short career). He's mostly a fastball, slider, changeup guy who'll mix in a few cutters, apparently (unless gameday is confusing his slider for a cutter -- or vice-versa.) For his career, he's been very tough on lefties but righties have hit him pretty hard. Wouldn't surprise me to see Lugo at 2nd today.