Boog: The Sampler (updated)

You know when you're looking for something on Google and you end up with so many links on a subject that you start to feel like a stalker? Yeah. Me too.

So here's a sampler of our favorite shoulder-licker, Brendan Ryan. You too can stalk the Booooooooooog.

[There's about three articles missing here, mostly via andi_k.]

Yes, Boog. It may be a while before Carp signs your jersey.

MLB and ESPN et al continue to short Ryan on his highlights, so it's up to you and FSM to put 'em together.

(I've managed to lose the one article mentioning his off-season training... he was told to put on weight after cramping up last year. And for the record, I was looking for a picture of the shoulder-licking. I have a skeptical "friend.")


Ryan embraces offseason to full potential (Feb. 1, 2010) - MLB

edit: andi_k has taken over many of the 2010 blogging duties of Brendan Ryan's media fanshots. Check the player tag for more. In particular you might want to check out FSM giving him a video camera for weeks of hilarity (click on "Cardinals" on the sidebar to sort), and Goold's latest feature and blog.



I'm going to do something I would normally never do, which is post a link with a gigantic time-skip before it. Namely 2010. There were a few fanshots here and there, and so forth, but without much organization. It's like an annoying anime series or something.

However, I think this is a suitable coda, and it does say something about the decision-making process of the Cardinals. Normally one cannot draw conclusions about subjective data from private environs like a clubhouse, but in this case there was so much documentation, from so many different sources, that one can make educated guesses about that black-box. Everyone's going to tell it a different way, of course. Such is narrative. The fallacy comes of ignoring the whole body of documentation, only a small part of which is collected here. Baseball history is not the fans' to remake; it is the players' to live, and it behooves us to be better observers of their part in this marvelous game.

Brendan Ryan takes to role as team leader - Seattle Times