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Game 107 Open Thread -- August 1, 2009

Rodriguez Carpenter
3.62 FIP 2.73 FIP
Chris CarpenterDodgersAstrosRyan Franklin

. Let's hope tonight won't be a repeat.

Wandy Rodriguez is a much better pitcher than I ever thought he'd be and, in fact, he's one of the most underrated pitchers in the big leagues. He's also left handed which has been a thorn in the Cards' side all year but w/ the additions of Holliday and DeRosa to our lineup, I think we're poised to do much better against lefties. For what it's worth, Wandy has substantial home/road splits for his career. Over 5 years, he has a 3.77 ERA at home and a 5.14 ERA away from the juice box. His OPS against on the road is more than 100 points higher than it is at home. He has, however, pitched well in 3 starts at new Busch Stadium.