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Game 87 Open Thread -- July 9, 2009

Pineiro Parra
3.05 FIP 5.09 FIP

Going w/ a lefty in game 3 may be just the tonic the Brewers need to get 1 game closer to the Cards b/c we are simply awful against lefties. We'll likely need a good one from Pineiro b/c, w/ the Cubs coming up w/ 4 games in 3 days and a day game following a night game, I fear that Stavinoha (gag!), LaRue (puke!), Barden (oof!), and Hoffpauir (not altogether awful) may be in the starting lineup this afternoon. Maybe Tony will go w/ Yadi since LaRue will have to play 1 of the 2 games Sunday. I just ask 1 thing, Tony: please, please, please let Colby be in CF. I don't care if he hits 9th. He just absolutely should not be sitting so that Ankiel or Duncan can play just b/c there's a lefty on the mound.