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Game 84 Open Thread -- July 5, 2009

Carpenter Arroyo
2.60 FIP 5.98 FIP

In Carp's last start, he was beat around pretty well, garnering a game score of 25 -- the only start of the season in which he's been below average. I'm looking for him to rebound today. He gets a lot of Ks and a lot of ground balls and pitched a complete game 3 hitter the last time he faced the Reds. I hope we don't need him to be that good today.

Arroyo's given up the most homers and earned runs in the majors this season. Both lefties and righties have slugging %s at .500 or better and he's actually been worse away from Great America Ballpark than he has at home. Amazingly, he's 8-7 -- more proof that a pitcher's wins or winning % are a useless method of analyzing a pitcher's performance.