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Game 83 Open Thread -- July 4, 2009

Thompson Owings
4.77 FIP 5.39 FIP

' starting lineup. On the mound, well...he's a pretty good hitter. He walks too many, doesn't strike out enough, and gives up too many homers. His GB% is pretty low also, thus making pitching in Great American Ballpark that much more difficult.

On our side, it's a good thing that Thompson has a 56.5% GB% b/c a 2.81 K/9 is just unworkable in the majors. He just can't survive for long allowing everyone to put the ball in play. If the Reds don't hit the ball out of the ballpark, they could certainly single him to death. Thompson has 6 starts so far this season and has an above average game score in only 1 of them. He's been beaten around in his last 2 starts and it seems to be a race between he and Wellemeyer to see who loses his job when Lohse returns from the DL. Wellemeyer seemed to have a leg up before his impressive start a couple days ago so now Thompson's probably ahead by a nose. Here's hoping he pitches well enough today to fall behind Wellemeyer once again.