The pitches the Cardinals throw.

A lot has been made about the pitch selection of the Cardinals. Some have complained we throw too many high stress pitches and avoid the low-stress stuff. But how does it break down? For the purpose here I am going to combine the % for sliders and cutters. The data from fangraphs doesn't see to match all that well with what pitchers are often said to be throwing. For instance Carp is listed as throwing more sliders than cutters. First lets look at the total team data.

As a team we throw
  • 58.5% Fastballs, 21st most. (#1 Mariners, 69.7%)
  • 20.3% Sliders and cutters, 10th most. (#1 Cubs, 28.1%)
  • 12.7% Curveballs, 2nd most. (#1 Astros, 14.2%)
  • 8.1% Changeups, 27th most, (#1, Indians, 14.9%)

And the resuts we get
And the same but for just the starters.
  • 58.4% Fastballs, 17st most. (#1 Mets, 68.2%)
  • 17.4% Sliders and cutters, 14th most. (#1 Blue Jays, 26.8%)
  • 14.0% Curveballs, 4nd most. (#1 Astros, 15.9%)
  • 9.3% Changeups, 22th most, (#1, Indians, 17.8%)

  • Fastball 12th @ -5.5. (Dodgers +20.1, Indians -43.9)
  • Slider & Cutter 6th @ +16.9 (Diamondbacks +23.4, Phillies -7.3)
  • Curveballs 1st @ +23.9 (2nd Dodgers 17.7, Twins -8.3)
  • Changeups 28th @ -9.9 (Blue Jays 19, Phillies -18.7)

As a team our starters have been getting the best results of any team with the Curveball. What's more interesting is of all the secondary pitches no other teams has gotten more value than we have. Wainwright (1st overall) and Carpenter (11th) really use it to great effect.

The other notable is the Changeup where we don't use it often, and we we do the resuts are not good. Kyle Lohse +4.8 is our only regular starter with a net positive changeup. Wellemeyer -12.3 has the bulk of the damage.

Nothing else really stands as a team.

Individually Wainwright is somewhat odd. FB -16.2, SL +8.4, CB +13.9, CH +0.7. He is getting killed on his fastball but dominating with his secondary stuff. He is currently ranked as having the #1 CB, #4 CH, and gulp, 2nd worse FB by result in the majors.