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Game 105 Open Thread -- July 30, 2009

Kuroda Lohse
3.47 FIP 4.44 FIP

Lohse had a decent start on July 20 against the Astros but hasn't had a really good one since May and was awful against the Phillies last Saturday. He is our 4th starter so we don't need him to be really special but we do need him to be about league average. He's right about there so far when he's been healthy.

Kuroda's FIP is much better than his ERA suggesting that he's been a victim of bad luck. He's averaging more than 3 K/BB and less than 1 HR/9. He's also getting ground balls more than 50% of the time. He's a fastball, slider, splitter guy who throws strikes, and gets ground balls. Hardly anyone knows who he is but I'd love to have him.