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Game 103 Open Thread: Dodgers at Cardinals

Billingsley Wainwright
10-5, 3.72 11-6, 2.95

Wellemeyer to the pen! Boggs to the rotation! Rasmus to the lineup! It is a good day to be a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, unless you're Todd Wellemeyer. His strikeout rate is not quite as dizzyingly out of line with his career as it was in the majors--at 6.8 per nine innings he's in 2007 territory, though not 2008--but his last three starts in AAA have been extremely impressive. Interestingly enough, he's gotten considerably more of his outs in the air this year than last. It's not enough information to build a case for a New Approach, especially considering his fangraphs pitch selection is almost identical year to year, but it is different.