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Game 101 Open Thread -- July 26, 2009

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Wellemeyer Blanton
4.95 FIP 4.56 FIP

Out of 50 NL starters qualifying for the ERA title, Wellemeyer ranks 44th in FIP and Blanton ranks 39th. These are 2 pretty bad starters. Interestingly Blanton's BB/9 and K/9 are pretty good but only 4 NL qualifying starters have a higher HR/9.

Blake Hawksworth's been recalled. Interesting timing. He's given up just 2 ER in 11 innings in his last 2 outings for the Redbirds. Mitch Boggs has given up 1 ER in his last 21 IP for Memphis. Hmmm.... P.J. Walters struck out 14 in 6 innings last night. Oh yeah, he also gave up 0 ER. Even Clayton Mortensen...oops...never mind!

Oh year, I almost forgot -- no Rasmus again today. Apparently the sore shoulder that was bothering Ankiel for about 2 months suddenly healed and Rasmus has developed a sore heel. Ironic, huh? I wonder how many 3 K games it's going to take for that heel to heal.