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Game 100 Open Thread -- July 25, 2009

Lohse Lopez
4.46 FIP 2.41 FIP

Don't sweat Lopez's 2.41 FIP. He has just 17.1 IP so far this season. He's had 3 good starts but he's still basically the same guy he's always been. He's yet to give up his first homer this season but he's given up more than his share throughout his career and he's pitching today in Citizens' Bank Park.

Lohse was solid, if unspectacular, in his last outing against the Astros but the 3 run homer that Carlos Lee hit was ultimately the game winner. Unfortunately, the Phils' offense is a little better than the Astros'. Hopefully we can get enough runs off of Lopez to be able to withstand 3 or 4 given up by Lohse.