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Game 98 Open Thread -- July 23, 2009

Wainwright Balester
3.64 FIP --------

Balester makes his first start of the season after putting up a 5.11 FIP for the Nats in '08. Prior to being called up, Balester had a 4.30 ERA w/ 3 BB/9 and 5.7 K/9 for Syracuse of the International League. His WHIP in AAA was 1.519 b/c he's been giving up 10.6 H/9. He appears to be a fastball, curve, change up guy whose fastball averaged 91.5 mph last season.

This game is, of course, a makeup game for the May 3 washout that is the 4th game of a series that the Cards were leading 2-1. We had just been shut down by Shairon Martis the day before. Balester's a righty who we've never faced before and, after being ripped by the disastros 3 times, we need a good game before moving on to Philly.