Chris Duncan has been TRADED (OFFICIAL).

Chris Duncan has been traded to the Boston Red Sox for the charred remains of Julio Lugo.  No links yet.


Lugo was a disliked player in Boston because of his inability to perform at the level he did in Tampa Bay.  He will likely go onto the bench or may even replace the futile Brendan Ryan at SS, but Lord..I hope not.  He also has the opportunity to go into a platoon with Skip vs LHP as Lugo hits them at a pretty good clip this season.



EDIT: I was right, Joe Strauss was wrong.

[azruavatar edit]  To Summarize.

HL posted this morning that Chris Duncan had been traded to the Red Sox for Lugo.  All the specifics (players & teams) were right from the start.  There was a lot of noise about this upsetting TLR and DD. 

John Marecek twittered that CDuncan had been optioned to Memphis (with his consent).

The Red Sox traded some minor leaguers for one of the LaRoche brothers from Pitt.

John Heyman twittered that meant the CDuncan trade was in jeopardy.

The deal was confirmed by Bernie on his forum and twittered.

Joe Strauss commited seppuku.*


The Red Sox are paying all of Lugo's contract and the Cardinals get him for the pro-rated league minimum.

Matthew Leach is now reporting that there is a PTBNL from the Cardinals involved.

[end update]