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Game 96 Open Thread

Wellemeyer Wandy
7-7, 5.56 9-6, 2.81

Wandy Rodriguez has one of the weirdest career paths in baseball; he's striking out batters more frequently now than he did as a 22 year-old in the Appalachian League, pitching to high schoolers. His K/9 is three higher now, at 30, than it was at 26, when he showed no particular propensity for the strikeout. His DIPS profile, as of right now, resembles a left-handed Adam Wainwright.

Here are Todd Wellemeyer's last four game scores: 27, 35, 61, 31. That comeback start involved a very simple game plan: throw fastballs until there are two strikes, then throw sliders. His inability to follow that up with another game's worth is one of the most frustrating parts of his year, which has involved mostly frustrating parts.

To paraphrase my favorite eighties teen movie: Todd, throw that way really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.