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Khalil Greene set to play in AA Springfield tonight

As the plot thickens, the Khalil Greene Strange Interview Tour makes an unscheduled appearance in Springfield: 

St. Louis Cardinals infielder Khalil Greene is not scheduled to play tonight, but he's looking forward to getting back on the field in the minors. He came up through the Padres organization, so he didn't get to play in the Texas League.

"It's fun, to be honest with you, to play in a place I've never played before," Greene said. "I've never been to this stadium or been to this league. It's always neat, I think, getting a chance to come back. I'm starting to see the differences in the levels and how the game is approached. ... It's interesting, just from a sociological standpoint."

What's to say at this point? For this team a marginally effective third baseman, like Khalil Greene sans anxiety issues, would be a major upgrade. But it's not worth guessing, at this point, what he'll be able to do, and more seriously how he'll be able to cope when he's not quite doing it. I don't know if this is the right way to deal with Greene's condition, but then a) I hardly know Greene's condition and b) if intuition were still the way we dealt with medical problems Team Barber Paletta would be bleeding the sickness out of him.

(Not that I can confirm that isn't the way it's being dealt with.)

I'll hope for the best; in the meantime, I'll expect nothing. Afternoon thread, edited to account for this news, up in the afternoon.