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Game 90 Open Thread -- July 12, 2009

Lohse Zambrano
4.07 FIP 3.91 FIP

and he only threw 2 innings that day. He was solid in 2 rehab starts but his longest stint was just 6 innings so the bullpen had better be ready to throw today.

Zambrano's not the pitcher he was about 4 years ago but he's still a very solid starter. His Ks are down, his fly balls are up, and he's not walking fewer batters than he ever did. He's throwing fewer fastballs and sliders and more cutters than in years past and just isn't as scary as he was several years ago. He does, however, have 2 homers this year and an OPS that's just 11 points lower than Rick Ankiel's. That's no joke! (.653 to .642) FUCK!!!

BTW, I'll create a fanpost for a game thread for the futures game if anyone wants to follow along. Wallace is playing. I'd be willing to bet that future redbirds will also have one up though I don't know that for a fact.